Teaching and Performance

Joshua’s experience as a music instructor demonstrates his ability to fulfill a multitude of educational needs.  He has taught keyboard, voice and strings in a wide variety of settings including private and group instruction.  He has coached or directed singers in dozens of music theater productions, given private lessons as an instructor to many age groups, taught music appreciation at nearly every academic level and led both vocal and instrumental ensembles as a conductor as well as from the keyboard.  He has been employed by community music schools to music conservatories and just about everything in between, working in the Bay Area, New York, Boston, and abroad in Europe.
A pianist for his entire life, Joshua studied both classical and jazz repertoire extensively but can play just about any song after a few hearings.  His sight-reading is far above average but he can also play by ear with ease and transposes with fluency.  Able to harmonize vocally from a very young age, he sang in a variety of ensembles and performed in men’s and mixed choruses as well as church groups in which he regularly harmonized while playing piano parts at the same time.  His experience as a violist includes five years in a professional orchestra as well as a wealth of experience as a chamber musician.